Multiple problems with 1.8.2

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Multiple problems with 1.8.2

Postby INU » Sun Apr 12, 2020 1:21 pm

Hit here!!

I recently tried to run Rolisteam 1.8.2 and I fall on several problems... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Firstly I want to state that : I cannot use 1.9 (my old OS is 32 bits) / I'm pretty bad when it comes to computer, so the more details the better / concerning dice rolling formulas I remember to use the "!" at the beginning of the code line / I'm on Windows 7.


First problem : I can't gather the team!! The only information I find in the "connexion" window is a html link driving to an IP adress that do not allow the other members of the team to connect to my session. It doesn't work with another member of the team hosting the session neither... How do we solve that?

Second problem : When I try to set a character sheet, the background is not taken into account and therefore it results in textboxes floating on blank pages... Is it a known issue? I heard it comes from a QML-thing, but I don't know where to download what to install where!!! (yes I know I'm very bad at computer.... :oops: )

Last problem : Dice roll coding... Well, I've read the documentation here and on GitHub about the langage for DiceParser... And, with the exception of the simpliest formulas (ie d6e6), nothing works (if I wish to code multiple operations at once). Even copying and pasting the exemples given in the documentation results in nothing. Is there an older langage for 1.8 or is it something else...?

A great great deal of "thanks" to those who can help me with all of this (or bravely try to)!!!!

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