Adding some cards ?

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Adding some cards ?

Postby MrPus » Sun Jul 19, 2015 11:20 pm

Hello fellow players !

Before everything, congratulations and thanks for forking Rolistik and making it grow. I've used Rolistik and Rolisteam from time to time and it is great to play with friends. So huge thanks !

After looking at the features of the upcoming 1.7, I have been wondering if and how we could implement drawing a card. I want to play Shade with my friends but there is no dice in this game. The GM has a card deck and the other players have a common deck. Will we be able to build and add some kind of plugin ? I think I have read something about this some times ago but I am not sure anymore.

Thanks !
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Re: Adding some cards ?

Postby renaud » Mon Jul 20, 2015 10:58 am

I hope to do something like that soon, but I will be clear, it is not high priority.

The new dice system will introduce a way to pick up text in list. For example, 1L[sword,spear,bow,knife,gun], the result will be one word.
This technique can be amend a bit to draw card: 1L[9 square,Ace of Heart..]. Right now, there will be no way to store state of card deck. So the probability won't be as it is in real life.

To get closer, We have to add the possibility to store the deck state. So, you will have to define your deck : L1=[Ace of Heart,King of Heart.....], the system will reorder the list ramdomly. Then when you draw cards, they will be picked up from the top of the list.

Implement that in the "dice system" should not be too difficult. It is poor, but it should be done.

I will say that card, is better to have images. So, the next step will be to propose a panel which show you the card and manage everything. That, will be longer to implement, moreover it is difficult to find free-to-use card pictures.

For plugin, it is not longer a priority, we focused on Vectorial Map, charactersheet and stand-alone server. If you (or one of your players) want to implement that module, I will be glad to add it in rolisteam.
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Re: Adding some cards ?

Postby MrPus » Mon Jul 20, 2015 6:07 pm

Thank you for that clear response. I understand that this feature is not a major concern at the moment and is too specific.

Unfortunately none of my friends know how to program in C++ so I will just have to be patient. I have other games for them anyway and we can use your alias as a temporary solution.

I can't wait for all these features. It looks great ! ;)

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